December 1, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Man hides from Employer’s GPS tracking by using Snack Packets as Faraday Cage

faraday cage

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60-years-old Tom Colella who works as an electrician for Aroona Alliance, a Western Australia water management venture, is making headlines across the globe after being fired. Colella’s employer uses GPS tracking to know whereabouts of its employees during working hours when they are out doing fieldwork. The company provided the employees with GPS-enabled PDA devices.

Colella was not pleased by these devices from the get-go, and even protested against their introduction. However, the company insisted but Colella being an electrical technician secretly employed a simple and innovative means to prevent his employer from tracking him.

He emptied snack packet coated with aluminum foil and mylar plastic on the inside and placed the PDA device in there.

Aluminum foil reflects away (blocks) electromagnetic waves, simple physics! With the PDA device inside the snack packet, it could not communicate with GPS satellite and relay the location of Colella. From the Aroona Alliance control center, Colella appeared to be working offline and untraceable on the map.

However, instead of working on his designated duties during his ‘time offline,’ Colella went to the golf course to play. After having some fun out there …read more

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