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Medical Education in Sub-Sahara Africa

Medical Education in Sub-Sahara Africa

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The state of Medical Education in Africa

Medical education in Africa has significantly evolved over the years. From the time when there were only 5 medical schools in the region, to the expansion era after African countries achieved independence and now when the medical education structure is making efforts in providing mhealth programmes for students.

Online courses have great potential of improving healthcare in Sub-Sahara Africa. However, the medical education department has had to face challenges including occasional cases of corruption, pandemics, civil unrest, famine and deficiency of resources dragging the progress.

Still, the 21st century has seen many developments in medical education, with the increment of medical schools, improvement of facilities and the curriculum, adapting to a more practical approach and the availability of more scholarships. Nowadays, the healthcare workforce in Sub-Sahara Africa is significantly greater, which translates into a healthier population and better health disasters management.

Whether you are considering joining medical school in Sub-Sahara Africa or being a stake holder in the sector, it is a worthy pursuit. Here is more detailed information about the state of all aspects of medical education, including mhealth, …read more

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