December 10, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Meet the Co-Founder Connecting Moms to Amazing Brands

Innov8tiv – Blacks In Technology in USA, UK, Caribbean Islands & Africa

Visionary Entrepreneur Series: Innov8tiv presents the best and brightest early stage entrepreneurs from Tiphub’s Diaspora Demo Summit. Tiphub is a mentorship driven accelerator that supports early stage businesses and social impact ventures in Africa and the African Diaspora.

Like many first time parents, Vije Vijendranath and his wife Shan, didn’t have a clue about being a parent. “We would spend too much money on various things, said Vijendranath. We had no advice on what we needed to do but we also saw this as an opportunity to help other parents with advice, like how to find what they needed as first time parents, so we created You, Baby and I.”

Since 2014, You Baby and I has evolved from a blog to an award winning startup in South Africa. We created the company to target moms because they are primarily responsible for purchases in the family, said Vijendranath. Beyond being an inspirational platform for parents about the journey of motherhood, the company also helps companies connect better to moms and even involves moms in the product design and experience process.

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