October 7, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

MeTro – A Fast-Sealing Surgical Glue for closing up Surgical wounds

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The human body is a complex system, albeit commendable strides have been made to understand it and manipulate that system to our advantage. Nonetheless, there is still much room for improvement. In surgery, it seems the medical fraternity has made a milestone achievement in the form of fast-sealing surgical glue that can be used to seal up wounds after surgery.

The currently available medical technologies for covering up medical wounds include using sutures and staples. However, these techniques do not completely seal up the wound as they are not airtight leaving it upon the body’s own defense mechanisms to seal up the small openings naturally over time.

The ideal tool would be to use up a sealant that works like glue. It would seal up the wound in an air-tight fashion. The glue sealant will make for an airtight barrier between the internal organs and the external environment at the wound created after surgery.

However, the main challenge facing the medical fraternity on the sealant front is that the currently available ones don’t work on all kinds of surgical needs. No one sealant solution works on all sealants …read more

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