April 9, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Microsoft beats Apple as the most satisfactory Tablet maker

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When sited at the café, the favorite place for most remote workers to accomplish their work, you notice a lot of the devices people are using to get work done. For long, the people’s favorite device had been the MacBook laptops, but as tablets gained more power and became convincing enough to replace the bulky and heavy laptops.

More and more often you start seeing people with the 2-in-1 devices! You know, those tablets that double up as laptops, and it will be hard to deny that Microsoft has executed the 2-in-1 devices the best.

But don’t take my word for it, rather the recently released US Tablet Satisfaction Study by J.D Power, which declared Surface tablet owners feel a deep sense of satisfaction. Even more than users who own iPads.

Why do People like Microsoft’s tablets better than Apple’s?

If we could take the words of Power people, the reasons why most users are most satisfied with Microsoft tablets is because of their “top rankings in the features and styling & design factors.” Simply put, Microsoft beats Apple hands down in the features, styling, and design …read more

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