October 4, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Microsoft Groove is going to the Grave, better start switching to Spotify

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Just like what happened to the Windows Phone, the same is happening to the Microsoft Groove. There just wasn’t enough traction!

The big difference with Groove is Microsoft is not even going to pretend to be putting efforts on that front, like what we see with the Windows Phone. The company is pulling the plug on Groove and sending it to its grave on December 31, 2017.

So all you Grove Music app and Groove Music Pass users, all few of you, you are hereby notified to make the shift to your alternative music app of choice promptly. Then does it mean Microsoft is washing its hands completely off music streaming service?

Quite the opposite! Microsoft is partnering up with Spotify and is ‘highly’ encouraging current Groove Music app users to move over to that platform. To make the transition smoother, Microsoft says it will guarantee you that you will not lose your current Grove Music playlists and start building your music library from scratch.

Export your Groove playlist to Spotify

You having to switch from Groove to Microsoft new recommended Spotify is certainly an inconvenience, but the company says …read more

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