March 3, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Microsoft warns businesses in Kenya to take Cybersecurity more serious

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A lot of businesses in Kenya and in Africa, in general, are digitizing their operations. The development of ICT infrastructure in the country has also opened up new business opportunities within the cyberspace.

While all these developments is commendable, it also opens new opportunities for attackers. The fact that the digital and technology space is young in the country, it means there is not yet a satisfactory level of appreciation for cybersecurity measures.

A lot of businesses, especially the small one are not doing enough to secure their businesses. That means there a lot of ‘sitting ducks’ in Kenya just waiting to be attacked by hackers.

Ruediger Dorn, the Director of Cloud Technology and Strategy at Microsoft has warned firms in Kenya to take up cybersecurity very seriously in their quest to digitize their operation.

Speaking last Wednesday, Dorn said the rise of cybercrime in the country in the past few years has largely been attributed to weak (on non-existent) cybersecurity measures.

We regularly update our systems and this has helped keep hackers at bay compared to the current practice where companies buy annual internet security packages,” said Dorn.

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