May 13, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Mirabook Extension – Turn your Smartphone into a Laptop

Mirabook​ ​Extension

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Did you know, you walk around with more processing power in your pocket than it took to land the first man on the moon? As you process that, again, did you know that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is more powerful than the MacBook Air?

The point is, smartphones have become more and more powerful over the years, and there is little wonder why they are increasingly becoming the first-choice-device for users across the globe. Your smartphone is the ultimate portable computer; it is powerful, connected, and practical.

However, for all its glories, the smartphone still suffers a major setback, one that makes it impossible for it to replace your desktop computer. The smartphone, as much as they are increasingly becoming powerful pocket computers; they cannot (at least not yet) match the convenience one feels when using a large screen, full keyboard, and a trackpad.

Well, that was before Mirabook arrived. Mirabook overcomes this setback and unleashes a richer experience on your smartphone by turning it into a full-blown laptop; complete with a large screen, keyboard, and a trackpad.

Mirabook Extension turns your Smartphone into a Laptop

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