October 2, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Mobile Trojans stealing people’s money via WAP-billing services

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People using Android devices are increasingly under the risk of mobile Trojan making away with their money through the WAP-billing services. That is according to a research report by Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky says the trend is growing and affecting thousands of people around the globe; especially people using Android devices. The Trojans are using the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) billing service, which is widely in use by numerous telecom operators for charging paid services and subscriptions over the years.

WAP-billing is unique in the sense that it charges directly from the users’ mobile phone number. WAP billing does not need the users to have a bank account, card, or go through a sign-up process to pay for the bills. Usually, the user is redirected to a unique web page upon clicking a button and they are then presented with a number of additional services.

Upon clicking the button, the user automatically activates a subscription and the bill is charged on their mobile account. The mobile Trojan in focus here exploits this scenario, by mimicking all the processes involved to bill the user’s number without their consent or knowledge.

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