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Mozilla’s Firefox OS Deploying In Internet of Things (IoT) Space

Mozilla's Firefox OS Deploying In Internet of Things (IoT) Space

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Mozilla faced insurmountable competition in the mobile operating system with its Firefox OS; especially from Google’s Android. The company was forced to admit defeat and shut down the mobile operating system department early this month.

Firefox OS may be finding a spot at the tech museums as one of the inventions that started but never became a thing. However, when it comes to Internet of Things (IoT), Mozilla plans to go all out in making its Firefox OS a force to reckon with.

This is according to leaked documents by a Spanish blog, Hipertextual, which gives a detailed account of how Mozilla plans to deploy Firefox OS across various IoT devices. Although the documents are of early prototypes design concepts by Mozilla designers, the Foundation has not come out to confirm made any official statements regarding the same. The following are some early prototypes designs that Mozilla foundation is being said to be working on with the Firefox OS.

The Firefox OS Pad

Although not a fairly new Mozilla development, given it was first introduced in the market back in February 2014. This device is …read more

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