February 14, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

MTN wants a Silicon Valley to be set up right in Gauteng, South Africa

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Cape Town has mostly dominated the tech space in South Africa. Indeed most innovation hubs, incubators, and some of the big tech companies in the country trace their roots in Cape Town. However, MTN thinks Gauteng should be the nerve center of technology in South Africa.

The telecom calls on the government, universities, and the private sector residing in Gauteng to take up the opportunity and exploit the infrastructure established in the region and accelerate development of technology. MTN argues that the mobile ecosystem and general access to mobile broadband connectivity have improved tenfold in the region.

Essentially, Gauteng has all the necessary infrastructure needed to acquire the skills, execute the plans, and become the Silicon Valley of South Africa. MTN ambitions to see Gauteng province overtake the regions like where Cape Town is located seems like an overstretch of enthusiasm. Especially when you consider the fact Cape Town has close to two decades lead in the establishment of infrastructure and networks, it would take to be a leading tech city.

During a recent Gauteng Provincial Government Technology Innovation Conference, Mariana Kruger the General Manager of Products and …read more

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