March 9, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

Must have Privacy Settings for Google Chrome OS and Browser

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If you have ever used a Chromebook, then you should know that it is probably the easiest computer to get used to, given it requires virtually no installations. It comes with just about everything you could ever want from a Chromebook, already installed.

Then when you think about the fact that it is a device made by Google, you immediately know that it was not built with privacy in mind. I mean how could it, Google is one of the largest data mining corporation in the history of the universe.

So does it mean there’s no Privacy with Chromebooks?

That is most certainly not the truth. You can use Google’s device but still get to cover a good part of your data away from prying eyes. We are going to show you how, below:

#1 -Disable the following ‘Privacy and Security’ settings

Chromebooks were designed from the ground-up with the intention of getting you online and surfing the internet as quickly as possible. And while you are online, the devices want to facilitate your easy and convenient browsing in the best way possible.

To do that, the device needs to send …read more

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