September 9, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

New affordable Cancer Therapy treatment kills Tumor Cells with Ethanol

ethanol cancer therapy

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Cancer therapy, especially one that uses cutting-edge technology, is expensive everywhere around the world. The situation is even tougher for patients in the developing countries, and the already tough situation is made worse by the lack of enough (if any) healthcare professionals and equipment to facilitate that therapy. At times, even basic thing like access to reliable electricity is a challenge.

For that reason, it is something to celebrate when the science community invests their time and resources in coming up with effective cancer treatment that is low-tech and affordable. These days, it seems all research and development works is focusing on expensive cutting edge technology, which makes the end solution costly to the intended recipients.

Indeed, there are some new promising high-tech cancer therapy programs that are not even economically viable in places like the United States; let alone the developing world.

Well, a team of researchers from the Duke University has come up with a low-cost and 100% effective cancer therapy solution. This team is using Ethanol, yes, that stuff that makes cocktails interesting, to kill tumor cells.

Apparently, Ethanol is capable of killing tumors when it …read more

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