December 17, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

No Card, No Problem; Let NetWorq App Help Keep You Connected

Anie Akpe:

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Don’t have your Business Card with you? No Problem, NetWorq App allows you to share Digital E-cards on your Smartphone

Does the following conversation ring any bells?

Mrs. A: Can I have your business card? Please.

Mr. B: Am sorry! I am all out, looks like I didn’t carry enough with me. Do you mind giving me yours instead, and I’ll reach out to you?

Mrs.A: Actually I didn’t carry any. I don’t know how I forgot to bring any this meeting.

We all have been caught unprepared in situations where exchanging a business card would have been handy. Most people will often remember to bring along their business cards when attending big events like a business meeting or trade show. However, very few of us carry our business cards with us all time, every time.

Sadly you never know when an opportunity for a useful networking will occur. Take, for instance, on a typical day, when you are out for a coffee or lunch break at the diner across the street. You bump into someone from a company you would want to do business with or a prospective client. Failure …read more

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