June 19, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Nokia seeks to alleviate Youth Unemployment in South Africa

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Unemployment is a major problem across many developing nation. In South Africa, the unemployment rate currently sits at 26.50%, but that is nothing close to the level of unemployment among the youths, which sits at 50.9%

Ironically, many tech companies complain of lack of adequate supply of skilled labor into the industry. That goes to say, industries such as technology do have employment opportunities. The only problem is most youths are not armed with the relevant skills needed to fill these posts.

Well, Nokia has set out to try correcting the situation in South Africa. The Head of Government Relations of Middle East & Africa at Nokia, Brahim Ghribi says the lack of skilled labor supply to the tech industries is not just unique to the developing countries. Even industrialized nations are somewhat struggling to find skilled personnel.

Ghribi says there is dire need to bridge the gap between the need for skilled labor by tech companies and the availability of skilled workforce. To alleviate the problem, work must be done to establish the cause creating this gap.

Is it because the youth quit school early and therefore lack …read more

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