September 17, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Now You Can Go On An African Safari Via Google’s Street View

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Human beings were never meant to spend all their time sitting in a classroom, or an office for an extended period during the day, for days, months and even years. However, this has become the norm for the modern man. We live in confinement for various reasons ranging from security, affordability, convenience, work and health among other reasons. These confinements can be in different forms such as homes, offices, workshops, cars and classes to mention just a few.

These routine lifestyles make people want to do extremist things like going for bungy jumping or visiting places as far and disconnected as possible from their usual environments. Some people like to refer to these incredibly thrilling things they wish to do as a bucket list; a list of things you would like to do before your time is up.

Most things on the bucket list are usually unfulfilled because often the person lacked the time and/or resources to fulfill them. However, if you have been wishing to go on an African safari in Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve. You can now do so on your laptop all thanks to …read more

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