September 10, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Online food delivery in Côte d’Ivoire Hellofood in 10 key figures

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When Hellofood launched in late 2013 in Côte d’Ivoire, the online food delivery service revolutionized the gourmet landscape. Sitting at home or in the office, it became possible to order meals from the best restaurants in Abidjan in just a few clicks. The year 2015 marks a particularly important moment in the adventure of the company, which managed to position itself as the leader of online food delivery in Côte d’Ivoire. We have selected for you 10 reasons to join the “electronic gourmandize” and become a “hellofoodie”!

1. The delivery team at Hellofood reiterates every month the feat of Masahito Yoshida by covering a distance equal to one time around the earth; nearly 40 000 kilometers.

2. In the “Land of attiéké” pizza is king! The pizza is well ahead of all orders received by Hellofood. (Attiéké is the local favorite dish consisting of granulated cassava)

3. From November 2013 to September 2015, Hellofood delivered no less than 30,000 spring rolls and 20,000 hamburgers. It is only in the stomach that America and China get along so well.

4. For the sole year 2014, 2,000 …read more

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