November 8, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Opera for Android 48 comes with Cookie Dialog Blocker

opera for android 48

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Have you heard of GDRP? It stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is a sweeping set of rules and regulations on how businesses handle their customers’ data. These set of rules and regulation were set by authorities tasked with cybersecurity in the European Union (EU) region, which has seen snowballed across the globe. Requiring webmasters, app developers, and providers of online services to give upfront information on how they will be using the data they collect from users.

That is probably why you keep getting emails and pop-ups when visiting websites and using apps with the words GDRP. Though they can get annoying, but they are meant to keep you informed on what type of information you will be giving by visiting certain websites, using certain apps, or certain online services.

But these emails, messages, and pop-up notification on GDRP can get annoying, though they are meant for your safety by keeping you informed on what information you will be giving up. However, if you are using the latest Opera for Android version 48, you will no longer have to worry about GDPR.

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