August 1, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Other than just Privacy and Security, what else can you get from a VPN?

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What comes to your mind when you think of a virtual private network (VPN)? Chances are high; you think of online privacy, security, and freedom to browse what you want.

Well, for most people, that is all they want out of a VPN. In our today’s feature, we are going to show you other VPN features power users have been using for a more truly rewarding online browsing. These features include:

Seeing pricing of same the commodities in different regions

If for some reason you want to compare the prices of the same commodities in various regions. You might have encountered some problems in how some apps and sites switch back and forth. Instead of having to go through working out the exchange rate and search around say, ‘price of product X in country Y’ when you are located in Z. Just switch the server location from Country Z to Country Y.

Keeping targeted ads away entirely

Even when browsing using a VPN, some entities are interested in the tabs you are viewing. More often, it is marketers harvesting your data to better serve you targeted ads. The thing about …read more

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