January 13, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Peach: A New Social Media Messaging App Getting Massive Fame

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Here you go: a new year, and a whole new lot of apps starting making headlines. Messaging is definitely going to be the hottest area of social media ecosystem around the world. Meet Peach, a new, slick, cool messaging app which has been making a lot of headlines lately. What’s new in Peach and what makes it stand out among a gozillion of new messaging apps? Let’s find out.

Peach: New iOS App for Social Connections and Messaging

The sign-up procedure is pretty quick. No chase, simple and to the point.

Peach is a perfect amalgamation of Twitter and Facebook. It has a Twitter-like interface model, where you can post all the stuff. You can post GIFs, songs, posts, statuses. There are no direct messages on Peach.

If you are listening to a song, you can just post it and share it on Peach and your friends could open it from Spotify or iTunes.

Then there are “magic words” using which you can type and invoke Peach’s automatic functions. For example, writing “GIF” on Peach text box will give you an option to search and post GIF. Writing “song” …read more

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