September 1, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

PhotoMath wants to help you with your Algebra Problems

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The ugly truth is that there are many people that hate solving math problems than there are those that like solving them. It might not be an excellent reality, but it is the reality all the same. MicroBlink, the creators of PhotoPay, have come up with yet another interesting app, PhotoMath; said to be capable of helping you with your algebra problems.

If you count yourself among the lot that does not like solving algebra problems, then you need to start using PhtoMath. This app works in very much the same way a QR-code reader works. Simply run the app on your smartphone, point the camera on the algebra problem and let the app crunch the numbers and give you the solutions.


MicroBlink’s earlier creation PhotoPay was hailed for being a heaven-sent app. It allows users to scan their paper bill and automatically sends the scanned document to their bank, which then pays that bill on their behalf. I am sure you can think of many scenarios where such an app would have been handy.

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