May 30, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Pickle: Best App to Sell Your Services and Make New Friends

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Humans are designed to live in groups and help each other to sustain life. Cooperation lies at the center of all human activities. An amazing new app called Pickle is based on this basic idea. You need someone to fix your bathroom pipe? Just open pickle and contact the expert near you. You are penniless and want to offer your services for money? Just sign-up on Pickle and people will contact you for your services. The app is a brainchild of Daneh Westropp, who ran from his home and school as a child. He found out that young people need each other to get the independence they need. Westropp says that Pickle is designed for “Gen Z” and Millennials, who want to make money from their interests. This app will also let the young, free souls to get independent and become free.

Users of Pickle just put up their rates and what service they are willing to do. People contact each other, negotiate rates and send each other their addresses to patch up. Money is transferred via PayPal. Pickle takes 20% from both sides …read more

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