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Pizza Hut Zambia and Pepsi Zambia Support Zambia’s Next Generation

Pizza Hut Zambia and Pepsi Zambia Support Zambia's Next Generation

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Pizza Hut and Pepsi 2016 Joint Campaign: Next Generation

December 14th 2015, Pizza Hut and Pepsi Zambia launched the Next Generation: #MakeYourMoment campaign at the University of Zambia.

The Campaign is designed to create a platform to offer young entrepreneurs the opportunity to tell their story and inspire the next generation. These events will take place at a number of campuses and schools across Zambia in 2016.

At the event last night Pizza Hut & Pepsi announced a competition launching in 2016 where it would pay for two students university fee’s for the upcoming academic year.

Managing Director of Dagon, the exclusive franchisee of Pizza Hut Zambia, Stefano Benedikter said that ‘both companies strongly believe that the long-term successes of their businesses is undeniably linked to the success of the next generation.

‘The best way to support the next generation was to celebrate success stories of young entrepreneurs, like Mawano Kambeu, who is a wonderful example of a business making its moment in Zambia in 2015.’ With all this hype at the event, the Pizza Hut hashtag #MakeYourMoment was the no.1 trending hashtag in Zambia last night.

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