April 18, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Plugin-Free Variant Of Skype for Web (Beta) Available On Edge Browser

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Those of you who Skype a lot must have found Skype for Web the most convenient way to connect to people on Skype. There is no longer need to download and install the Skype app; a development that’s quite convenient if you are in a slow, unreliable or metered internet connection. However, we are all wishing for a fully web-based interaction without first having to install any plug-ins to use the service.

Well, Microsoft might just grant you that wish sooner that you think. The company has unveiled a plug-in free version of Skype for Web on the Edge browser. That means, the web variant of Skype can allow you to make video calls, voice calls, and text messaging by simply signing in to your Skype account on the Edge browser without first downloading any plug-ins to the browser.

Earlier, the Skype for Web variant of the service first required you to install a plug-in to be able to communicate with your contacts. Something that beats the purpose of it being called a web-based interaction.

The plug-in free Skype for Web is currently in …read more

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