July 20, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Pokémon GO Cheats, Hidden Hacks and Secrets (Detailed Guide)

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Nintendo has flooded the internet with its new game Pokémon GO. It takes you outdoors and makes you walk around to find Pokémon and to build your Pokémon army. Pokémon Go now stands has become one of the famous mobile games of 2016 and we expect it to keep making headlines in the coming months. We have compiled a detailed list of Pokemon Go cheats and tips so that you could up your levels and increase your scores in this game and beat your friends.

Visit parks with multiple PokéStops to catch Pokémon creatures in abundance

Our experience with ‘Pokémon go’ shows that the higher the population of an area the greater will be the concentration of Pokémons and PokéStops. Cities contain a greater diversity of PokéStops and Pokémons as compared to the towns and villages. If you are a Pokémon GO enthusiast and want to capture a large number of Pokémons in less time, we recommend you to visit your nearest community park, museums and historical buildings.

Instantly capture a Pikachu

You will be asked by the professor Willow to catch your first Pokémon as you start …read more

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