July 6, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

President Obama Welcome To Kenya But Don’t Talk Gay Rights To Us

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It would appear U.S. President Barack Obama has already been given the not-to-do list on his July trip to Kenya. This is if the dozens of Kenyans who today held a rally in the streets of Nairobi opposing same-sex marriage. President Obama is a known pro-gay rights activist, and homosexuality is just one of those things the Kenyan society and Africa find to be morally and religiously corrupt.

One of the demonstrators, lawmaker Irungu Kangata while demonstrating outside the Kenya parliament, said:

We are telling Mr. Obama when he comes to Kenya this month, and he tries to bring the abortion agenda, the gay agenda, we shall tell him to shut up and go home.”

Some of the anti-gay protesters in the streets of Nairobi were wearing T-shirts with slogans that read ‘Protect the family match’ and ‘Stand with the family.’

Gay practices are unchristian and Kenya will not tolerate them ~ @WilliamsRuto http://t.co/eewxoTE3f8 pic.twitter.com/CtyWsK2i5o

— Nation FM (@NationFMKe) July 6, 2015

On the other end of the homosexuality debate, are the African gay right activists who have called upon President Obama to demonstrate …read more

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