June 11, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Pro Tip: Have you tried Windows 10 Virtual On-Screen Touchpad?

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These days, most Windows PCs come with touch screens. This feature that makes the device both a conventional laptop and a tablet when in the tent and flat mode. Not forgetting that Windows tablets are shipping more than any other time, with some OEMs like Samsung saying the future of tablet computing will be on Windows OS.

Well, the touch screen feature of Windows 10/8 is a welcome relief for those times you do not want to use the mouse and keyboard. The reality of the design of the Windows itself sometimes seems to defeat the touch functionality. The OS is not fully optimized for touch functionality.

Take, for instance, when you are using a browser. You will quickly realize that some of the controls and links are just not finger-friendly and you find it easier to use the mouse when pressing them. Even the very best of touchscreen laptops – say, the Lenovo Yoga 900 – they still leave a lot to be admired in terms of smooth operation as far as being finger friendly is concerned.

Although not that many people know about it, Microsoft has …read more

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