July 29, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Remove Blur from Photos on iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows for Free

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We all come across blurry photos, and it’s a big nuisance to remove blur from photos. Many times, we take photos on the go of some place or personality very important, but get devastated to see that the photo we took came blurry. There are, thanks to the latest technology influx, many apps which allow you to remove blur from photos online for free. I will mention some of the free software and apps using which you can remove blur from your photos in iPhone, Android and PC and Mac.

Remove Blur from Photos in Mac and Windows

Let’s start with a software which was among the initial few tools which came up with the idea of removing blur from photos. SmartDeblur app has come a long way: from its first version to the latest 2.2 version. The software uses immense number of complex calculations including Fourier series to remove blur from photos. While it’s impossible to get the perfect quality of the original photo, SmartDeblur promises to remove blurs to give you an overall idea of the picture, even documents. Here are some of the …read more

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