April 22, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

Remove/Disable casting button on YouTube App

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The “Cast” icon appears in the YouTube app whenever one is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Chromecast device. It does not matter whether one has the Chromecast app installed on the phone or not. Place of the “Cast” button where it is, annoys people. Whenever, app is opened to watch videos, it keeps on trying to cast to a nearby device. Moreover, when people try to search for the videos and click “Search”, it accidentally casts to TV or other nearby devices and people watching TV get to see random YouTube videos, being played on phone.

The question is that is there any way on YouTube app for mobile to remove or disable the casting button?

Yes, surely there are solutions proposed by people that worked for them to fix the issue, discussed on different forums. Some are listed below:

  • Clear all apps out and go to Settings > Google > Cast media controls and unmark the “Media controls for Cast devices”. Doing this does not get rid of the casting button, but it assures that it does not automatically casts to TV or nearby devices, …read more

    Read more here:: Remove/Disable casting button on YouTube App



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