July 5, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Restaurants Paper Menu Make Way For The Digital Age

Restaurants Paper Menu Make Way For The Digital Age

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In America, more than 100 paper mills have been shut down since 2011 as the demand for paper continues to decline. Paper, a once frequently used product is quickly being replaced by digitalization. One of the industries that are contributing to this waning use of paper are restaurant owners who have found ways to enhance the dining experience by replacing paper menus with ipads and tablets that display all their offerings and prices, a trend that is predicted to slip into the country as more and more food vendors seek to provide customers with a better experience.

The immediate benefit for restaurant owners who are advancing towards this digital approach is that it takes a shorter time to update any changes, whether it is an adjustment or addition of items or pricing. Currently, if a paper menu needs to be modernized then it means reproduction of the entire menu, using printing paper that is durable and/or glossy and all of this is costly; cancelling the information manually also compromises the presentation of the menu and might present issues of clarity when the customer is selecting …read more

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