October 20, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Return of the Mac; The Jet-Black MacBook

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The MacBook shelves have looked pretty dull! It has been years since Apple released a MacBook hard-core computing. Well, other than the recent 12-inch MacBook, but for Apple fanatics. The shelves are pretty boring. The latest MacBook Pro were released about 74 weeks ago, and the latest MacBook Air were released about 84 weeks ago. On the other hand, the Mac Mini has not been pimped in any way whatsoever in over 104 weeks.

Not to get too dramatic, but come on Apple. New Windows PCs are coming out every other week from all sorts of OEMs. However, could it be that Apple has not released any MacBook lately because it is too busy preparing to launch a bad-a$$ jet-black MacBook?

Yes, it sounds like wishful thinking, but that is the story c|net’s Sean Hollister is running with! Apple is supposedly planning to release a black MacBook, as black as the one it had on sale between 2006 and 2008.

At the time, the black computer looked like a gothic rebel in the midst of a shelf-full of all white Apple design; from white iPhones, to white iPads, …read more

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