October 26, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Robert Mugabe Awarded The Chinese Version Of The ‘Nobel Peace Prize’

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One thing you have got to love about the China is that they are always unique. They always seem to have their own version of Western things; the Google version Baidu, the Facebook version Renren, the iPhone version the Xiaomi Mi 4, and there is even a cheaper look-alike version of the Range Rover Evoque at a fraction of the costly off-roader called LandWind.

The country also has its own version of the annual Norwegian award the Nobel peace prize, the Confucius Award. The selection committee has announced Zimbabwe’s strong-man and President Robert Mugabe as the winner this year. The award has elicited strong negative reactions from the domestic opposition leaders in Zimbabwe and pro-Western Media outlets. Some are even question whether the award was correctly named in the first place: Should it be Confucius Awards or Confusion Awards?

Serious allegations have been leveled against Robert Mugabe including using a systematically orchestrated violence and torture to sustain his 35 years rule in Zimbabwe. He has speared a vicious black empowerment campaign in Zimbabwe that saw many foreign whites with huge land parcels in Zimbabwe deposed …read more

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