August 24, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Samsung Galaxy Note 8; Specs and top Features

samsung galaxy note 8

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On Wednesday, South Korea tech giant launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the successor of the infamous Galaxy Note 7 that humiliated the company. That is one line of the Galaxy Note series Samsung wishes everyone will forget, but no one really does. If anything, the company is now judged harshly for that one big ‘fcuk up,’ as people forget all the rest of great devices it has supplied.

Nonetheless, Samsung, in a show of resilience continued with the Galaxy Note line of devices and brought in a successor, the Galaxy Note 8. On paper, this device looks like it was fashioned to make you forget that the Note 7 ever happened. It is a high-end phablet with an S Pen like no other; scoring ‘bigly’ in both the aesthetics and functionality departments.

Galaxy Note 8 Specs and Features

As far as the outer design and outlook go, there is no much difference between the Note 8 and S8; the two lines seem to have been assigned almost identical design. The Note 8 has a curved body made out of a blend of metal and glass.

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