November 20, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Seven Tips for Effective Destination Marketing

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Destination marketing is a process aimed at influencing potential visitors to travel to a certain location, thereby influencing their preferences. This involves showcasing the destination as having an edge against its rivals, exploring its competitive products and promoting value-added services and actions beneficial to both visitor and resident. Here, as lists below are some tips that will guide any marketer in moving their destination from just another tourist attraction to a magnetic, must-visit location.

Invest in Content to Benefit your Audience

Content, whether on brochures, blogs or the website speaks volumes about the company’s main focus. As opposed to putting up articles and creations solely around your marketing targets, aim to develop content that is more informative and insightful for your audience. This will in return provoke their imagination and curiosity about the destination in question. Your content should always be audience focused rather than sales-oriented. Categorize appropriate and corresponding markets, and align your content with their needs.

Identify Media with Travel-interested Audience

Basically, this is working with channels effective in delivering the message to the right people. In a market saturated with diverse products …read more

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