July 8, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Singularity and Us: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

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Imagine a world where the machine intelligence supersedes the brightest of the human minds and overcomes the best of the human competence. Imagine an era where humans are able to equip the artificial intelligence to an extent where it’s able to make alterations into its own code, resulting in enhanced performance. Ladies and Gentleman, these are not new concepts, these theories are all the rage these days and are better encapsulated by the term of “Singularity”.

Some say Singularity is near, I’d say that we are way past the tipping point of technology. The advancement of technology was something we all have been looking forward to. Some of these advancements came fast and conquered our lifestyles. From postcards to phone calls to emails and eventually to benefit from video conferencing, we have come a long way. And this graph of impacts of technology is no longer linear, it tends to be exponential.

If we go back few decades, there was a time when manual intervention was mandatory in order to drive any sort of machine and at that time, the experience was a skill which was weighed …read more

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