July 7, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Six Steps to Capitalizing On Social Media as a Marketing Tool

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Since inception, social media has evolved from a platform traditionally used to catch up with family and friends to phenomenal sites that are shaping ways in which news is disseminated and assimilated, to fertile grounds for brands to reach out to the consumer in a more personalized and interactive manner. However, just like any unit or fraction of the complex marketing chain and mix, there are a few factors that will contribute to overall efficiency and effectiveness. Here are a few guidelines on the topic from Jovago.com, Africa’s leading online hotel booking site.

Define your social strategy

While some companies are yet to catch up, others and especially those that were pioneers in the uptake of social media as a means of achieving and driving market results are already reaping the benefits. While defining your strategy, the key is to mark out where the later fits in your marketing mix: where exactly do you want to promote your brand. This means that an organization may draw its strategy majorly depending on where their customer is likely to be found. The next step is to …read more

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