June 21, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Six Tips for Travelling During the Holy Month of Ramadan

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Ramadan Mubarak! The moon has been spotted and our Muslim brethren are on for a month of fasting, kindness and self-sacrifice. But what about the Traveler? This season may call for more than just the usual suitcase for the business traveler and the rucksack for the backpacker. The Holy Month of Ramadan may bring with it a few changes in the hotel meal times, safari trips or even business meetings. Here are a few guidelines from Jovago.com on what to expect and how to experience your trip to the maximum during this revered season.

Understand the Season

Ramadan sees to the accomplishment of one of the five pillars of Islam; sawm or fasting. It’s a period not only dedicated to self-sacrifice in search of spiritual rejuvenation, but also the act of Zakat or charity. The faithful are expected to abstain from food, sex and smoking between sun rise and sun-set, with each region having a slightly different timing for breaking the fast with the meal commonly known as iftar. Although non-Muslims will not be expected to fast, it may be considered impolite to be seen feasting …read more

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