December 8, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Slack and Google are now Partners at Work

Slack and Google are now Partners at Work

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Slack has announced it is collaborating with Google in a synergy move that will see users from both platforms benefit from their newly founded suite of deep integrations.

Slack has apparently realized most of its users, use their platform together with Google; millions of Google Drives files are shared on Slack every month. The new Slack + Google partnership will enable users to do even more with either of the platforms. Some of these new features include:

Google Drive Bot updates right on Slack

Google is baking a bot into its Drive. This partnership will enable teams using Slack together with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides will get notifications from the Google services right inside Slack. As opposed to previously when notifications from request to access, comments, and edits were sent to emails, where they could go unnoticed for a while. Therefore delaying the group’s synchronized remote collaboration. Notifications will come right inside Slack via the Google Drive bot; sending you message button where you can approve, reject, or reply to a comment.

Send files from Slack to team assured they have viewing permission

Sending files from Slack …read more

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