November 11, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Smelling Farts Is Good For You; Helps Fight Cancer

Smelling Farts Is Good For You; Helps Fight Cancer

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As bizarre as this may sound, scientists claim that farts contain some toxins, which when inhaled in small amount go a long way in the fight against cancer. They also claim, the medicinal value of farts extends beyond just helping curb cancerous cells growth, smelling farts also help in curing many other diseases.

This hilarious but nonetheless very important discovery was made by researchers at the Exeter University. The researchers say that when you smell farts (in little doses) you inhale a small amount of Hydrogen sulfide, which has the medicinal value of protecting body cells and help your immune system fight off illnesses. Some of the illnesses that the Hydrogen sulfide has been discovered to fight includes heart attacks, dementia, and strokes.

The researchers warn that the act of smelling farts has to be in consideration, given a large dose of fart inhale could be extremely toxic to your health. This hilarious breakthrough research was published in the Medicinal Chemistry Communications; a scientific journal where the researchers unveiled a new compound AP39. This compound produces just enough hydrogen sulfide, which was tested on humans and proved …read more

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