March 8, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Some of the Best non-Apple Monitors for your MacBook or iMac

Monitors for your MacBook

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One thing you must admire about Apple is its ability to create a cult-like following among consumers. Each time they are about to start selling a new flagship device, you will find a long queue camping outside Apple Stores; sometimes they camp there overnight.

It therefore comes as no surprise that there are people out there who would only use Apple devices. They have an iPhone for a cellphone, a MacBook for a laptop, an iPad for a tablet, an iMac for a desktop computer, only listen to music bought on iTunes, and only stream from Apple Music.

As cult as such consumers might be, when it comes to a desktop monitor for their MacBook or iMac computers. These days they are forced to shop from other 3rd party vendors. That is because the Cupertino company discontinued it monitors-production wing and concentrate in its core competencies (read making iPhones).

This move is now forcing Apple fans to have to make do with non-Apple monitors to connect their MacBooks and iMacs. Not to drum up support for Apple, but you got to admit the company does make some of …read more

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