December 22, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Sony Making Smartphone Batteries That Last 40 Percent Longer

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When you look at the evolution of mobile phones, from those basic feature phones, to flip phones and now the smartphones. You will see a drastic evolution or rather an improvement in the device’s processors, RAM, ROM, and other nifty hardware.

However, the batteries powering these devices have remained on a snail-paced path of evolution. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are not doing enough research and development in the battery aspects as they do on the other hardware and software aspects of their smartphones.

As it works out, OEMs that produce smartphones with bigger batteries come off as bringing uninspiring devices into the market. While those that produce fast-charging devices give us a small consolation. Larger batteries also mean more heavy and bulky smartphones, which probably won’t appeal to our quest of aesthetically catchy devices. At the same time, fast-charging devices have been known not to stay for long without being juiced up (recharged) now and then.

This sad state of affairs might soon change if the reports by Nikkei are anything to go by. Nikkei says Sony is currently working on developing new kinds of smartphone …read more

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