February 4, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

Sony PlayStation 5 to have complete backwards compatibility

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One thing I detest about PlayStation 4 is the fact you cannot play titles released on earlier consoles. Many gamers, including myself, feel Sony missed a big opportunity here and is actually paying the price for that with the growing popularity of the Xbox One. But it appears things will be different with PlayStation 5.

This news comes by way of rumor mills, which began churning out speculations after a patent filed by Sony apparently got leaked. According to the reported patent filing, Sony seems to be indicating it is going for backwards compatibility that will make the console play all the retro games through emulation on the PS5.

With backwards compatibility the PS5 will give Xbox One a run for its money and even secure its market that the Microsoft-backed console has been eating into since its adopted backwards compatibility.

As per the reported leaked patent filing, the PS5 is designed by the same lead architect – Mark Cerny – who also designed the PS4. Theoretically, PS5 will run software from legacy devices; PS4, PS3, PS1, and PS1.

The backwards compatibility has been made possible by tricking the …read more

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