November 13, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Space Archaeologist Sarah Parcak Wins The Coveted $1 Million 2016 TED Prize

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Sarah Parcak is one jubilant Space Archaeologist after she was awarded the highly coveted $1 million 2016 TED Prize. This award to Parcak was in recognition of her contribution towards historic sites preservation using satellite imagery.

The TED Prize award community that focuses on ‘ideas worth spreading’ will give Parcak one ‘wish to change the world.’ The wish granted to Parcak will be unveiled ruining the TED2016 Conference set to take place between February 15 and 19 in Vancouver, Canada.

Sarah Parcak is an Egyptology specialist and also an anthropology professor at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. She is also a founding director of the Laboratory for Global Observation. Many have likened Parcak to Indiana Jones; because she has been unearthing ancient civilization and protecting vestiges from destructions and looters.

You would be forgiven for assuming that the nickname space archaeologist has something to do with using satellites to search for intelligent alien life forms. The truth of the matter is Parcak’s work is purely about discovering human settlements right here on Earth. She is on the hunt for discovering ancient civilization’s settlement …read more

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