March 10, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

SureBüddy brings sponsored cover to Uganda with new insurance App


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Uganda, a country with a high smartphone penetration, is the first-to-market for SureBüddy

SureBüddy, an android application that has today launched into market, brings sponsored insurance and insurance related products to Uganda.

SureBüddy is simple and easy to use – the app renders advertisements, the consumer watches the ads, and then receives free cover as a reward. Ad images are non-intrusive, use very little data, and disappear with a click.

SureBüddy’s cover is sponsored for the user as all costs are paid by the advertiser. SureBüddy then uses the advertising revenue to reward the user directly with cover, and in this instance, the consumer benefits from watching advertisements.

“Strive Masiywa once said something that became part of my belief system.” says Johan Basson, SureBüddy spokesperson, “He said that if you identify a human need and reach out to meet it you have the most sure-fire way to succeed in business.”

Insurance penetration in Africa is amongst the lowest in the world, even though there is a crucial need for it. SureBüddy has taken insurance offerings to the people via technology – a platform to make these products less-intimidating, …read more

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