November 21, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Swift code will now run on Google’s Fuchsia OS

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Over the past few days, Google has been taking hits for ‘forking’ the new open-source programing language by Apple, Swift. There have been speculations on whether or not; Google will make its special version of the language. All that can now be put to rest after the creator of the programming language, Chris Lattner (he works at Google now) came out and made some clarifications.

Swift at Google has enough folks working on it that we need a staging ground/integration point, and we decided it should be public.

— Chris Lattner (@clattner_llvm) November 15, 2017

Apparently, Google had no intentions of doing some ‘monkey-business.’ The company just wants to make a working copy of the code then it will contribute it ‘upstream’ to the Swift repository. Already, one of Google alteration has gotten a pull request from the Swift repository: Fuchsia support.

Zac Bowling, a Google dev. who was very instrumental in the porting of Objective-C to Android some few years ago, also shared the news as a reply to a tweet by Lattner.

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