July 4, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Telkom Kenya pulls the plugs off Orange Money officially today

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If you are among the few Orange Money users, you have a little less than a month to wind up all your transaction on the mobile money, and transfer funds to another platform.

As you probably have been expecting ever since Orange telecom officially rebranded to Telkom Kenya a few weeks ago; the telecom’s mobile money is also set to undergo some changes. However, most people expected a rebranding of the mobile money service, but Telkom Kenya has decided to pull the plugs off the mobile money service.

It would appear Telkom Kenya has decided to first kill the mobile money service, before introducing an entirely new service later on. Contrary to the expectations of most people, that it would simply change the name from say, ‘Orange Money’ to ‘Telkom Money.’

Telkom Kenya is said to be working on the next level type of mobile money. One with innovative features that it just might attract users of the most popular mobile money in Kenya, M-Pesa to their new platform.

It only remains to be seen if the new mobile money service from Telkom Kenya will have that pull-factor to …read more

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