December 2, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Tesla turns on world’s biggest Lithium Ion battery after Musk wins on a bet

tesla elon must lithium-ion battery

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Tesla has flipped the switch on the world’s biggest lithium ion battery.

This development comes after Elon Musk wins a bet that he could build a huge battery in South Australia in just 100 days. If it were to go past the 100 days, he will foot the bill himself. This gigantic battery all started from a light brag by Tesla, and a Twitter banter back in March. Musk too the wisecrack way too far and said if he does not deliver the world’s biggest lithium-ion in 100 days, he will pay for the full cost of its installation. Yes, Musk would have paid $50 million had he not delivered the said battery in 100 days.


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