December 21, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

The 10 best Media-Streaming Devices for TV in the year 2017

Media-Streaming Devices

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Sometimes technology evolves so fast that within a few years, or even months you find yourself using an old device. There is no greater example than the TV sets market. It was not long ago when plasma screens were the ‘thing.’ Now we have LCD, LED, and OLED TVs, and if you are still hanging a plasma TV on your living room wall, you might as well call it antique furniture for your house.

You might be having an OLED (which is the latest TV standards with cutting-edge technology), but if it is not smart, you still have an antique item.

What to do in this Smart-Times?

TV sets are not fast-perishable items that you use for six months and need a replacement. Some of us hold dear memories of a single TV set that served us well throughout our childhood. These days, TV sets can very well serve for a decade and a couple more.

So if you find your TV not able to do the smart stuff (which is most streaming) there are ‘dongles’ out there you could plug into your HDMI port that will make it …read more

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