October 10, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

The 5 things you must do before handing your phone over for repairs

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Our phones have slowly but steadily replaced our desktop. These days, it is the go-to-device for our banking, our social connects, and safekeeping of vital documents. It goes without mentioning the countless picture and videos of our most private lives that we would not want just anyone to see.

As crucial as smartphones may have become, they sometimes to break down for one reason or the other, like a broken screen, water damage, etc. If it is something that can be fixed, sometimes it makes sense to just repair our damaged phones instead of buying a new one. Then you will have to visit the phone repair shop to get it fixed.

Here is where all the problems arise. Like we said earlier our phones have become a hub and the center for managing our digital lives. While we would like to believe the technician at the phone repair shop will just focus on repairing the phone, and not stick his/her nose where it doesn’t belong. That is seldom the case, and in any case, sometimes they might need to power up and check the device to …read more

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