December 27, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

The Best Apps that made the A-List of Apps of the year 2016

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Hoping the dust of Christmas is beginning to settle in readiness to rise again for the New Year’s Day celebration before we’re back to school or work in January. Before we jump into the dull subject that is January back to school, back to work, let us review the year 2016 and look at some of the best apps that made the cut to the A-List of Apps for the year 2016.

The best Top 10 Best Apps of the year 2016 are as follows:

#1 Pokemon Go:

Hardly surprising, isn’t it? This augmented-reality mobile game became an instant hit the day it was launched on apps stores. Part of the success the game enjoys is because of the fact it strikes a nostalgic chord for many that grew up watching the animated character in the cartoon series Pokemon. Pokemon Go brings to life pocket monsters right into your neighborhood. The mobile game leverages on Google Maps and GPS systems to give players an interactive gaming experience as they roam about hunting the Pokemon.

#2 – Prisma:

People love being loved; being the focus of admiration and attracting attention. So …read more

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